Once in a while it feels like March. That would be one year, in fact, from the primary acknowledgement of COVID. One pretty long year.

A hint of Spring in the air here in RIchmond, VA, in the Mid-Atlantic region. Today is one of those days. Outside today I thought how quickly I forget how nice it feels to walk outside relaxed and not bundled up against the weather… even if by all accounts here in Richmond and its surrounding areas like Henrico and Chesterfield, etc., it has not been a difficult winter. The last two weeks certainly had their trials but it is possible and hopeful that that will be the worst we get this year.

At Classic Touch Cleaning we did have a few customers rescheduling due to a power outage in several locations just south of the city of Richmond, but thankfully we hear of electrical repair teams working throughout the nights to help out.

Our teams did miss one day of cleaning this past week but we were able to shift things around without much disruption or loss, for which we are grateful.

Tomorrow the PPP loans for small businesses are available again with first dibs to business with under 20 employees. As before we fit, but we will not jump on this because our customers have been so helpful during these months with supporting us and with having as many of their regular cleanings as possible, and we are very grateful to them.

We feel we can hold on because of our small status and our essential nature. Therefore we want to help out and leave our government assistance for others like the restaurants that are still struggling so much. Professional housecleaning is not as much a luxury anymore as is is a standard of healthy and safe living. We were classified an essential business during covid and that makes sense.

We enjoy our housekeeping days and we enjoy the good people we clean for and we all look forward to seeing them every visit. Residential cleaning is a relationship business. We are as careful with trust as we are with cleaning for health (germ removal) and with cleaning for beauty (the look and finish of each room).

When we take on a new customer we work hard to customize our work to their needs and to listen to their feedback. It all helps and we are grateful for that too. As winter in Richmond draws to a close, the days are already seeming longer , and our sunsets on clear days have been beautiful. Take a peek just before 6:00 and enjoy.

We hope with spring will come a bit of ease to the Richmond, Henrico, Hanover and Chesterfield areas and more. Most Seniors and essential workers will have their covid vaccines, younger generations will be getting in the vaccine line, people can eat outdoors again, flowers will show us their glory. I will take some moments to be grateful. How about you?