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essential services or a luxury

A cleaning service is not a luxury anymore, is a standard of Health.

When COVID-19 hit in March we wondered if we were considered “essential’ in Virginia. It turned out that we were, but our employees understandably were not comfortable entering homes with so much unknown and many of them elected to stay home themselves. Many but not all.

At the same time many Classic Touch Cleaning homeowners opted to stop their cleaning service until they were more sure about the risks related to others and to contact within the home. At this point in time everyone has been back to work for months and our staff is cleaning almost as many of your homes as before.

We are in a position to accept new business and we do so with caution both for our employees and for our new customers and for all our existing. customers.

Many of you are now working from home, keeping small children and young students on task. Their school schedule demands more of you whether your child’s school is fully on line, doing a shift schedule or actually attending school daily. Juggling is hard.

We can help! Please don’t sit behind closed doors and panic because cleaning is just one more thing you need to handle!! Call us at Classic Touch Cleaning! We have 36 years of experience and we know both safety and cleaning. We follow the State of Virginia’s Covid rules and have added some of our own. Our crews can and will clean for you in a safe and hygenic manner.

We do weekly, bi-weekly and every 4 week cleanings. We also do move-in and move out cleanings. We come with supplies and tools in hand completely sanitized before each individual home cleaning.. or we will use yours if you prefer. You can trust our methods. We are ready to take your home into the fall and the next year with cleanliness as your very high standard.

We get it! Give us a call or email. I will answer all your questions to help you decide your comfort level. Thanks and take care!! 804-262-6979


Tomorrow’s good because we will be arriving to do your house cleaning for you. We will catch you up and get your home ready for what’s coming next for you…which if like most families and homes is a LOT!!

We are great with getting dog hair removed, floors shinning and bathrooms sanitized. Bet you can’t wait.

Just email or call us here at Classic Touch Cleaning and we are happy to answer any questions you might have about your home and your needs…from how to get started to your priorities for your home.

We go thru most of the Richmond, VA metropolitan area especially the city, the near & far West End, Mechanicsville, Midlothian, Bon Air, N. Chesterfield, Hanover, etc.

With Richmond’s weather being so changeable it is hard to count on a day away but if your chores are all done and we get some of these lovely days at the right moment for you, you can get away without guilt! Enjoy yourself or your family or who or whatever you’ve been longing to do. With Classic Touch Cleaning it is always a great day in RVA!



Join the club! That’s one thing we can help you with. And…Don’t think you’re the only one either! Many people call us for projects. It coud be one room or your whole house. We help you make time for the things that matter!

Classic Touch Cleaning is located in the heart of Bellevue, in Richmond’s popular Northside. From here we serve a fairly large area including our working area as well as most of Richmond, Henrico, Mechanicsville, N. Chesterfield, ForestHills, Bon Air, Midlothian, Short Pump, the West End, and Manakin-Sabot and so on. These are all places we find ourselves each week as we come to you to do our work and to hang our hats…or yours!!

Don’t let those cleaning projects drag you down. Is everything looking just a little shabbier to you than usual? Call us and we will help you spruce it up so you can relax and do those smaller projects you really want to do and would enjoy. Sometime time just doesn’t allow for everything that crops us …and sleep too!! We understand. We welcome your call! Let us know how we can help. Cleaning is our business and our pleasure!!

May Day, May Day

This coming Sunday is May 5, always a beautiful time of year! Are you ready RVA? Have you had time to work in your garden, relax with your significant other or your kids?

May Day is also a call for help! Consider giving Classic Touch Cleaning a call and having us come out and catch you up on your housework so you can enjoy spring…it’s so fleeting and so delightful!

We can do your whole home or your cleaning special projects. Think about it, wouldn’t it be wonderful if this one time the house was perfectly cleaned and you could be home and just relax? Our teams have years of experience cleaning homes just like yours. Honestly they are very busy this time of year but there is often room for one more and that could be you! Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield and Mechanicsville are familiar places for us to be cleaning. If you are in one of those areas give us a call today! Someone can talk to you 24/7 about your cleaning needs.

Thanks so much! Have a great spring time…go barefoot and feel nothing under your feet but floor and carpet!!


It’s spring here in RVA. Our trees blossomed this year without storms claiming the flowers immediately and so our streets and avenues are once again lovely. It’s amazing how beauty produces calm and how good, great!, calm feels!!

Spring and summer cleaning provide a similar benefit. When our homes are clean and the things we own are in place we feel like we can take a sigh of relief. For those who are in tune to this feeling we look for it and it makes us feel grounded.

If you need help with any chores around the house, please keep Classic Touch Cleaning in mind. We are here to serve you and to help you catch up when time is not on your side. Whether you live in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, Glen Allen or Mechanicsville give us a call. We will get your home scheduled and be out to help as needed quickly.

We are not a day of service provider and we stay fairly booked ,but give us call and you will get an answer and your home will be scheduled as soon as possible. Our goal is not to be a quick fix or to employ many different people. Our goal is to treat you the way we would want to be treated and to clean your home well…so if you choose a deep cleaning you get a deep cleaning. We will ask about your needs and your goals

for our visit and customize the work for you.

different spring cleaning

Sometimes we are ready for a change and our home brings the solution.  We can rearrange furniture, repaint a room, knock out  a wall or buy a new home.  In that new space you can organize better, move up or move down in size, open space and storage. Cleaning before or after remodel or before or after you leave your current home and before you enter the new home is needed. Most real estate sales require that the property must be ‘broom swept’ or cleaned to a ‘turn key’ condition.  We understand what this means and can help you in any  way.

When you move into a home or finish having your current home remodeled, you want to feel it is sterile, ready for you and for your loved ones to inhabit and feel comfortable…when you want to take a long hot shower and relax knowing it is yours alone.

Did I mention the white dust? I think of white dust as insidious because it seems to return and return if not handled properly or if left too long in the home. We tackle it by dry cleaning before we damp cleaning or product clean.   Although we may be experts on removing white dust, we suggest  it’s best done quickly before it gets into your air or heating systems.

At Classic Touch Cleaning we specialize in cleaning the details, because we don’t think it’s clean until it’s really, really clean… nooks and crannies and all.  Moving and remodeling is a time when  we  clean the interiors of the cabinets, drawers, closets, walls, doors, woodwork, floors and a myriad of things that can’t usually be reached.  It is possible for them to be emptied from time to time so we can clean, but when we clean during transition we can get them all at once!

I can get the cleaning bug at my own home and find it such a rewarding experience to clean out what we use everyday and make it better, more organized and easier to find.  When it comes to cleaning, especially housecleaning, it’s good habits that make it easier. We at Classic Touch Cleaning, located in Richmond, VA, train for intelligent cleaning, including efficiency, and we work to remove distractions so we can fully focus on the job while we are on the job.  Whether we clean in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield and Hanover, one of our secrets to great cleaning is liking to clean.  It makes us happy when we come to work and happy when we leave each house looking its very best.  Give us a call or email. We would love to help you too!



It seems as if winter, and cleaning,  come to Richmond just after the holidays and helps us slow down and sort thru things…all kinds of things. In housecleaning we are putting away some decorations, putting out others, maybe rearranging furniture here and there and making our homes cozy and calm again.

I think that’s some of the strength that winter provides  to many. We move a little slower, we plan a little more, we call, we clean, we organize and we feel good about our days. It’s a wonderful cycle…and here in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover and all around we are lucky because our cold is not too cold, our snow is usually not too long and our lives can enjoy the beautiful changes of all the seasons. So any season let us clean your home for you, but especially consider it now, while winter is here and a little down time would feel so good.

A clean house is a calm house.  I have always known that clean and neat can be synonymous with serenity.  If you live anywhere in the greater metro Richmond area and feel like this is the time for a deep clean, a fresh start or a new beginning, please call or write Classic Touch at 804-262-6979 or and we will be glad to help you out. Even if your home is in an area where we don’t do regular cleanings we will do a one time cleaning for you to help you get ready for whatever your needs may be.

We love cleaning. As I have said before. It’s a win-win proposition for us because when we get to clean for you we are doing something we love to do and you are getting a sparkling clean home and free time to boot!

So if it seems a good thing, it may be a good thing. Let us know what we can do for you and we’ll give you an idea of time needed and costs so you can decide if this is the right time for you to finish some of your projects and let us do the cleaning(s) for you.


The State Fair of Virginia is over, the September rains have gone(??), and beautiful October is here, both wonderful and scary!  To me there is nothing like the beautiful skies of October, unless its the beautiful skies of a late autumn in November that sometimes happens! Then come the holidays and time flies, often feeling out of control.  We enjoy our holidays and when it is all done we are happy they happened, but exhausted.

Can you remember the good times and forget the hard work?  Of course!  We are built and encouraged to do that by our very culture. Wonderful?   Yes. Over busy?  Yes! Will January be a retreat for you?  Does it slow down enough for you?

At Classic Touch Cleaning we have dependable crews who care about their customers needs and can stay with you the whole year long and help with that ‘time clutter’  we too often find ourselves operating from. Yes, I like to be up and active, and I love getting more done that anyone I see around me , but , yes, I want the down time to enjoy my enjoyment. Where does that come from? It only comes if we take steps to take care of our needs. To reach out and ask for help in a simple way.

We, the cast and crews at Classic Touch Cleaning  offer you free time.  Free time to look over your castle , or even in sit in it and take a deep breath and feel grateful.  Serenity for a few moments in a clean, organized environment that you aren’t exhausted from having had to clean  is sensible, healthy and good for everyone.  It’s always just one more thing, and if you are like me, you are good at it, but there is a point where there is something better. Think about calling for holiday help and then think about how good it would be for you to keep us helping you the whole year round ! Maybe that can be your Holiday  wish come true.  Once every 4 weeks is only 13 visits a year, or every other week is 26 visits. Think about it.

Classic Touch Cleaning is a good company of house cleaners who know that it’s our job to get to know you and respect your wishes and just plain help you out.

We are good people, so are you. Let’ s get together. Call us at 804-262-6979 ….  0r touch base with me at


Today is Sunday. I don’t usually, or I should say I never, write blogs on Sundays but here I am and the window has opened and so I am writing today.

All is well. At Classic Touch Cleaning we are having a very good summer. It’s different than some. There have been few problems with air-conditioners even though some day are hotter than ever…but we have had and many problems with the work vans yet every day brings another day after  it and we get to reboot and start over.

I am most grateful that both our customers and our employees feel like friends. How wonderful is that! We do work hard to serve you well but hearing your appreciation is so meaningful.  Thank you Richmond! And speaking of Richmond, we are glad to be located in  RVA! It is a wonderful place to live and work, filled with good people who also work hard to make this the interesting and special place it is.

Cleaning in your homes is a privilege we respect and enjoy. Getting to know so many RIchmonders is also fun. Understanding what you need and getting those specifics done for you is rewarding.  Everyday is something new to do and learn and polish up and accomplish. We come to you and things need to be done. We leave and they are done. How rewarding is that!!

Our crews work full time in the weekdays and that works for them.  They remain for years and years with us at Classic Touch Cleaning, keeping house for you  and you get to know your team… and that works for you.  Keeping the employees happy with their days is my task so that they can serve you well over and over again.  There is one thing that you can do that will help me, and them. Let the office know as far ahead of time as you can when you will be away and not need us for a specific visit. That way I can fill your spot with a short term job, which we love,  and keep your team productive and content.  Canceling due to being sick is different, but knowing planned absences early is helpful to us and appreciated.

Hope you are having a great summer too, and are looking forward to the exciting days of Fall that follow!!

Is it hot enough yet?

I find that there are a few of us here in Richmond who would actually say ‘no’ !  At Classic Touch Cleaning we are delighted to clean for you whatever the weather, knowing that each season brings it’s own risks and rewards.

One of the nice things about living in central Virginia is the change of the seasons keeping us always entertained.  Classic Touch Cleaning office is located in a storefront on Bellevue Avenue  and we found ourselves in quite the center of the storm that brought down trees ‘en mass’ on a Thursday night a few weeks ago! It looked and felt like a post-war zone with all the damage and all the bucket trucks lining up for days. Our residents had much loss and property damage but no person was injured. “It all happened within minutes!’, people say. Amazing!!

Although without power for 5 days, we are truly grateful to Dominion Resources for sending so much manpower and making us an area to assist with all that they could do.  The crews seemed to work for 16 hour shifts and yet all were pleasant and polite!

A few huge fallen trees remain but most everything else is back to normal.  Business does not get interrupted because of these happenings but it may be a bit more difficult to be seamless about everything. However, our wonderful employees pulled together, as I knew they would, and our customers did not feel less than the important people they are to us!!  Those of you who called to change dates due to your power being out were wonderful to work with as always.  Thank you!

There continues to be odd storms and more tree damage in one area or another around the city. I hope nothing like what happened in Bellevue happens again any time soon. The quantity of damage was both astounding and depressing. Yesterday there were storms around. I fear Forest Hills got hit hard. That’s another area our teams frequently go and we love the folks in Forest Hills. Hope you are up and running as normal very soon.

Well, enough for the ‘Classic Touch Cleaning weather report’….onward to summer fun and summer deep cleaning and new beginnings for the fall and the new school year. Call us if you need us. We are hear waiting to help you!


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