How can we spring clean and be creative at the same time? I for one am at my most creative when I start from an organized, calm space. Then I thrive. Ideas flow. When I know where everything I need is, and it’s not a stumbling block for me to find something, then nothing stops me. My creative goal is much easier to reach!!

Spring brings with it a sort of nesting feeling, both creative and encouraging. I want to refresh and reorganize. I live in the city of Richmond in an old house built over 100 years ago. We love it. Every spring (and Fall) I find myself pulling out and sorting thru items on shelves, in boxes, baskets, bins, cabinets, closets and even in corners! Our weather here in Richmond and Chesterfield and Henrico and Hanover is usually not the worst weather and so I can remove things that I have finished using and cart them right out to the car (or trash in a few cases) and take them that day to the Goodwill, etc., wherever it makes the most sense to donate whatever it is I am removing.

When I do this I feel very good and I definitely function better. With less clutter I know where to start any new idea and I feel open and calm.

At Classic Touch Cleaning we cannot bundle up your used items and remove them for you, but we can make your home clean and fresh by doing a deep clean after you finish organizing and re-organizing things again this Spring. So whether it takes you days to sort and pare-down or just a piece of a day here and there over a month, let us know when you’re ready and we will come and clean for you and give you the best clean house you have had maybe since moving in , or at least since the last time you did it all by yourself!! Instead of doing all that work, cut your work load in half and ask Classic Touch Cleaning to do the cleaning for you. We schedule cleaning jobs all day long Monday thru Friday, every week. We will clean all of your house or part of it. We have a 2 hour minimum that first time, we will send a 2 person team and they will be in and out with both thoroughness and efficiency because we specialize in this! And…we will customize the job just for you.

With Covid-19 still here, but hopefully on its way out, many of you are still working at home. We will come in with our masks and gloves and Lysol products, etc. and give you the sanitized home you crave. After working from home for months and no let up in sight, treat yourself to the calmness that cleanliness provides. Whether you have time to reorganize anything or not, call us at Classic Touch Cleaning and schedule that one time deep clean. We’ve got it. You’ll love it!

We’ll get you scheduled and you’ll feel so happy that you called!