Hello, Good Morning, Classic Touch Cleaning, May I help you?

You have an apartment where everyone has Covid and you want it cleaned? The occupants will all be home? No, we are sorry but we can’t send anyone, you need to be quarantined for 14 days, but thanks for calling. Do you want me to check with you in 14 days? No? Okay. Thanks again.

Hello, Good Morning, Classic Touch Cleaning in Richmond, VA. May I help you?

Everyone in your home has tested positive for COVID and you want to move your appointment for Tuesday ? Yes, we can do that. You think you need to wait 3-4 weeks? Of course, I’ll put you tentatively for 4 weeks from Tuesday, that would be your day anyway. Yes, I will not send anyone until we talk first. Thanks for letting us know. Take care!

Good Morning, Classic Touch Cleaning, Richmond, Henrico & Chesterield, May I help you?

Yes, Good Morning Mrs. Smith! Oh, you want to stop your cleaning for two months because COVID is getting worse, but you are well and want to isolate? Yes, we understand. I will mark you as a skip for two months, but don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything, we will still be here when you need us. Yes, we are keeping all the Covid precautions up that we have added and yes, almost all of our products are Lysol brand. Yes, we do carry Comet also and that has bleach. Thanks so much for calling, we’ll touch base in a few months.

Morning, It’s Classic Touch in the Richmond Area.

Yes, we wear masks and gloves in every home, changing the gloves very frequently. Pardon? Can we sell you the gloves? I’m sorry, we have to supply our teams with gloves and our suppliers only sell us the amount we have always bought in the past. Do we sell masks? No sir, I am sorry. We are a residential cleaning service, we are not retail. Thanks for calling!

Good Morning,

Yes, we’d be happy to come and give you an estimate. We serve the Richmond Metropolitan area. Where are you located? Powhatan? Oh, we are located in Richmond and we do no go quite that far. We do serve Hanover, Henrico & Chesterfield as well as Richmond City itself. I do know of a great company in Powhatan that I can share the name and number if you’d like. No? Alright, well thanks for calling. Have a nice day!

Classic Touch,

It’s a great day at Classic Touch Cleaning! Yes, Good Morning. Upbeat? Yes, I am working at it, thank you! How can I help you, are you interested in a house cleaning? Great, tell me about your needs and I will be happy to answer questions.

Well, yes, we have made sacrifices during this covid time. Yes, we have stayed open the entire year, yes we did lose employees and customers for some time. No, we did not take advantage of the special government loans, hoping to leave more for others who might not have been able to stay open at all. Yes, we did dip down to about 20% of our customers base but we are back up to about 75% and we are excited about that. Yes, Thanksgiving and Christmas this year were extraordinarily busy, not especially more cleanings but more re-schedules. Did you want to ask me about how we clean or our rates? No? You are just interviewing companies for now. Well, I hope I was helpful. Thanks for calling.