Well here we are still working everyday at Classic Touch Cleaning. We are considered essential and we are happy to be plugging along. It has been 235 days since March 1, 2020 ( google tells me). It feels like longer than that!

SO much has gone on and so little. We lost a lot of customers and employees and then we got most of them back! Some are still being isolated for reasons related to health and that makes sense to us. So far there have been no Covid cases whose path we have crossed and we are grateful.

We are still taking all the extra cleaning precautions because there is no reason not to always keep them in play, and with the winter in Richmond coming we will want to be more than extra cautious for you and for us.

I think we all have found extra new safe things to do for outings that are not events. I know we like to go somewhere and look at the scenery on weekends and bring a snack for the car and come back the same day. I hear a lot of great ideas from the conversations with our patrons.

Take care Richmond, Henrico, Hanover and Chesterfield. Wear your mask whenever around others and we will all do better. Make the holidays special for those around us that we can be with, and there will still be many happy memories. We are a creative people and there are so many good things this quiet time can bring us. I see it in families and even tho’ things are harder in some ways, they are special too. There seems to be much reaching out and caring all around. You can’t beat that!! So lets count our happy days more than our hard days and settle in for a lovely new season!