A cleaning service is not a luxury anymore, ..it is a standard of Health.

When COVID-19 hit in March we wondered if we were considered “essential’ in Virginia. It turned out that we were, but our employees understandably were not comfortable entering homes with so much unknown and many of them elected to stay home themselves. Many but not all.

At the same time many Classic Touch Cleaning homeowners opted to stop their cleaning service until they were more sure about the risks related to others and to contact within the home. At this point in time everyone has been back to work for months and our staff is cleaning almost as many of your homes as before.

We are in a position to accept new business and we do so with caution both for our employees and for our new customers and for all our existing. customers.

Many of you are now working from home, keeping small children and young students on task. Their school schedule demands more of you whether your child’s school is fully on line, doing a shift schedule or actually attending school daily. Juggling is hard.

We can help! Please don’t sit behind closed doors and panic because cleaning is just one more thing you need to handle!! Call us at Classic Touch Cleaning! We have 36 years of experience and we know both safety and cleaning. We follow the State of Virginia’s Covid rules and have added some of our own. Our crews can and will clean for you in a safe and hygenic manner.

We do weekly, bi-weekly and every 4 week cleanings. We also do move-in and move out cleanings. We come with supplies and tools in hand completely sanitized before each individual home cleaning.. or we will use yours if you prefer. You can trust our methods. We are ready to take your home into the fall and the next year with cleanliness as your very high standard.

We get it! Give us a call or email. I will answer all your questions to help you decide your comfort level. Thanks and take care!!

[email protected] 804-262-6979