Times have changed and we are still here. Without any outside help except that from our loyal and wonderful customers!! We are so happy and grateful to be here cleaning homes in Richmond VA..

We started in 1984 and have grown and have shrunk with the times but we are still cleaning so many wonderful customers and we are open for business with new customers.

We service your housecleaning needs in RIchmond, ( The Fan, The Museum District, Forest Hills Areas, Northside, including Bellevue/Ginter Park where or office is located, The West End and so on) Glen Allen, Midlothian, Mechanicsville, Bon Air, and so many other areas of Henrico and Chesterfield.

The teams clean with primarily Lysol products….Lysol anti-bacterial, Lysol heavy duty anti-bacterial, Lysol glass cleaner, and we also use Lysol laundry detergent in the office to wash the rags we use overnight so you know that everything is sanitized.

In your homes we also use a soap scum remover named Orange 40 by Spartan, to get your showers walls sparkling again, We carry with us our old buddy Comet. Comet rinses better than any powder available and it has dry bleach particles in it to kill germs. We use it solely in your toilet bowls where it sits and works while we clean everything else in your bathroom, finishing the toilet last ( just before the floor) and knowing it is sanitized. You will also see us working with Scrubbing Bubbles and Magic Erasers.

These and a little elbow grease go a long way toward a satisfying cleaning experience. You can have this too. We clean our customers each week, or every other week ( bi-weekly), or every 4th week ( 26 cleanings per year). We also do move-in and move -out cleanings, or special occasion cleanings.

We are much more than maids, we are maids that care and love to clean! We are old enough to trust, small enough to care. Give us a shout!

Send us an email, or call. the address is classictouchcleaning.com or call 804-262-6979 ask for Brenda !