After 2 weeks of winter and 6 weeks of keeping resolutions, I hope you are as happy as we are here at Classic Touch Cleaning.  I continue to talk to customers who are enjoying their quiet times for these few months, starting…or finishing projects they have looked forward to for some time. Keep it up Richmond!!

The cold has probably killed many germs in Richmond VA by now and the flowers waiting underground are going to pop up more beautiful than ever this spring. Saturday I saw 18 small purple crocus blossoms breaking through the crust of the earth in the front yard of a Classic Touch Cleaning customer’s home. What a delight!! Isn’t it true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, especially for beauty and light, …and it does not have to be a long absence.

It can be quite refreshing to transform our homes or just a room or two in our homes at this time.  People for years have asked me to come over and help them rearrange  rooms to  get a fresh new look or maybe for selling and buying their dream house. It is always fun to have a free hand and watch the person become more and more  content and happy because of just a little rearranging.

You can do it yourself too. Here’s my secret. do not think you have to be right the first time. Try your ideas and then correct them. Let them evolve. Also remember that the tiniest amount of space matters…inches. Group things and don’t put furniture wall to wall, a room needs air space where you can see the wall all the way down to the floor. Find your own secret room arranging methods. On a quiet day put some cloth potholders under the feet of your furniture and push. It’s amazing how much fun you can have all by yourself and then sit down and enjoy your accomplishment’s for months afterwards!!

At anytime remember that Classic Touch Cleaning is just a phone call ( 804-564-6979) or email ( [email protected] ) away! We are here to help you!! If you do rearrange that room and then wish that all the woodwork could be washed…call us!  Call classic Touch.  Let us know what we can do for you.

Now remember, just push…but don’t hurt yourself. Calling a friend works too!!