These are the first two snows in years that have caused so little problems for our cleaning business.

This is something we count our blessings about! The snow is dry, light,  not very deep and we can handle it. Several of our customers have called up and said cleaning is optional today because your people are more important than our house. WoW! Thank you …and my hats of to you! We really appreciate your thinking. In this snowstorm we are cleaning these customers anyway because WE CAN, but it’s nice to know that when you work hard and care for people, homes and families that they in turn care for you. THANK YOU,  THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!

Although today we did start an hour later  than usual, we will still be able to get to everyone. The issue is that not only do we drive to you and then climb your steps…either with our hands full of cleaning supplies and tools as usual, or if we carry less up, then we make more trips up and down the outside steps.., but we also need to perhaps reroute our routes to be more efficient and that might cause me to have to call you about your time of visit. We thank you all for your cooperation.

For example: on many normal days, a team might clean a house in Mechanicsville and then go to short Pump and then back to Mechanicsville to work out the times of entry requested by the different customers. On snow days we try not to have them do that extra driving and you guys are wonderful when I call.  We work very hard not to wear out our welcome with phone calls and interruptions into your lives and yet be available for good communication. Your friendliness and helpfulness on the phone is greatly appreciated.  Everything is a two way street and we always are aware of that.  Thanks so much!!!

So thanks to all our people. You add much good to our lives, we are trying to do the same for you!