The State Fair of Virginia is over, the September rains have gone(??), and beautiful October is here, both wonderful and scary!  To me there is nothing like the beautiful skies of October, unless its the beautiful skies of a late autumn in November that sometimes happens! Then come the holidays and time flies, often feeling out of control.  We enjoy our holidays and when it is all done we are happy they happened, but exhausted.

Can you remember the good times and forget the hard work?  Of course!  We are built and encouraged to do that by our very culture. Wonderful?   Yes. Over busy?  Yes! Will January be a retreat for you?  Does it slow down enough for you?

At Classic Touch Cleaning we have dependable crews who care about their customers needs and can stay with you the whole year long and help with that ‘time clutter’  we too often find ourselves operating from. Yes, I like to be up and active, and I love getting more done that anyone I see around me , but , yes, I want the down time to enjoy my enjoyment. Where does that come from? It only comes if we take steps to take care of our needs. To reach out and ask for help in a simple way.

We, the cast and crews at Classic Touch Cleaning  offer you free time.  Free time to look over your castle , or even in sit in it and take a deep breath and feel grateful.  Serenity for a few moments in a clean, organized environment that you aren’t exhausted from having had to clean  is sensible, healthy and good for everyone.  It’s always just one more thing, and if you are like me, you are good at it, but there is a point where there is something better. Think about calling for holiday help and then think about how good it would be for you to keep us helping you the whole year round ! Maybe that can be your Holiday  wish come true.  Once every 4 weeks is only 13 visits a year, or every other week is 26 visits. Think about it.

Classic Touch Cleaning is a good company of house cleaners who know that it’s our job to get to know you and respect your wishes and just plain help you out.

We are good people, so are you. Let’ s get together. Call us at 804-262-6979 ….  0r touch base with me at [email protected]