Today is Sunday. I don’t usually, or I should say I never, write blogs on Sundays but here I am and the window has opened and so I am writing today.

All is well. At Classic Touch Cleaning we are having a very good summer. It’s different than some. There have been few problems with air-conditioners even though some day are hotter than ever…but we have had and many problems with the work vans yet every day brings another day after  it and we get to reboot and start over.

I am most grateful that both our customers and our employees feel like friends. How wonderful is that! We do work hard to serve you well but hearing your appreciation is so meaningful.  Thank you Richmond! And speaking of Richmond, we are glad to be located in  RVA! It is a wonderful place to live and work, filled with good people who also work hard to make this the interesting and special place it is.

Cleaning in your homes is a privilege we respect and enjoy. Getting to know so many RIchmonders is also fun. Understanding what you need and getting those specifics done for you is rewarding.  Everyday is something new to do and learn and polish up and accomplish. We come to you and things need to be done. We leave and they are done. How rewarding is that!!

Our crews work full time in the weekdays and that works for them.  They remain for years and years with us at Classic Touch Cleaning, keeping house for you  and you get to know your team… and that works for you.  Keeping the employees happy with their days is my task so that they can serve you well over and over again.  There is one thing that you can do that will help me, and them. Let the office know as far ahead of time as you can when you will be away and not need us for a specific visit. That way I can fill your spot with a short term job, which we love,  and keep your team productive and content.  Canceling due to being sick is different, but knowing planned absences early is helpful to us and appreciated.

Hope you are having a great summer too, and are looking forward to the exciting days of Fall that follow!!