I find that there are a few of us here in Richmond who would actually say ‘no’ !  At Classic Touch Cleaning we are delighted to clean for you whatever the weather, knowing that each season brings it’s own risks and rewards.

One of the nice things about living in central Virginia is the change of the seasons keeping us always entertained.  Classic Touch Cleaning office is located in a storefront on Bellevue Avenue  and we found ourselves in quite the center of the storm that brought down trees ‘en mass’ on a Thursday night a few weeks ago! It looked and felt like a post-war zone with all the damage and all the bucket trucks lining up for days. Our residents had much loss and property damage but no person was injured. “It all happened within minutes!’, people say. Amazing!!

Although without power for 5 days, we are truly grateful to Dominion Resources for sending so much manpower and making us an area to assist with all that they could do.  The crews seemed to work for 16 hour shifts and yet all were pleasant and polite!

A few huge fallen trees remain but most everything else is back to normal.  Business does not get interrupted because of these happenings but it may be a bit more difficult to be seamless about everything. However, our wonderful employees pulled together, as I knew they would, and our customers did not feel less than the important people they are to us!!  Those of you who called to change dates due to your power being out were wonderful to work with as always.  Thank you!

There continues to be odd storms and more tree damage in one area or another around the city. I hope nothing like what happened in Bellevue happens again any time soon. The quantity of damage was both astounding and depressing. Yesterday there were storms around. I fear Forest Hills got hit hard. That’s another area our teams frequently go and we love the folks in Forest Hills. Hope you are up and running as normal very soon.

Well, enough for the ‘Classic Touch Cleaning weather report’….onward to summer fun and summer deep cleaning and new beginnings for the fall and the new school year. Call us if you need us. We are hear waiting to help you!